Bevelvision Productions

Introducing The Mat Bevel Show

Bevelvision Productions captures the Museum Of Kinetic Art, Surrealistic Pop Science Theater and the School of Intuition through the eye of the camera using animation, time-lapse photography, virtual reality, greenscreen compositing, rear screen project and live video technologies. With fifteen minutes of the first-ever Bevelvision footage now broadcasting at, we’re bringing fine art, educational entertainment that’s accessible to everyone at no cost.

Bevelvision brings our theater’s magical world of Beveldom with host Mat Bevel to people of all ages everywhere in a new TV show called The Mat Bevel Show. Content for the show draws from hundreds of theatrical pieces contained in The Three Days of Beveldom narrative.  The cast of characters for the show includes 52 characters all performed by Ned Schaper who are “residents” of Beveldom who live and work at the Museum Of Kinetic Art. Other characters for the show include the mechanical puppets from the Museum Of Kinetic Art that Schaper interacts with.

The magical world of Beveldom will reach a far wider audience through Bevelvision. It’s a wonderland filled with action heroes, kinetic junk sculptures, guest artists and scientists and educational workshops, that inspires people to do what they do—find their purpose and make the world a better place by tapping into the creative source of life.