About Us

The MOKA store is brought to you by Mat Bevel Company, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by kinetic sculptor, philosopher, poet and performer Ned Schaper. Our mission is to reveal the magnificent potential of resourcefulness using Available Resource Technology, or ART. We inspire people of all ages to cultivate greater awareness, ingenuity and purpose through found-object kinetic art, theater, hands-on learning experiences and digital storytelling and learning. Our work builds a deeper connection to art, science, technology, education and our culture through:


  • Museum of Kinetic Art: Nearly 100 mechanical sculptures demonstrate how even junk can come back into the flow of creation and find new purpose.
  • Surrealistic Pop Science Theater: A one-man performance celebrates the excitement of creativity with 52 characters, The Three Days of Beveldom narrative and sculptures from the museum choreographed to music, light and poetry.
  • School of Intuition: A kinesthetic learning lab teaches people how to create things of lasting value with original thinking, intuitive problem solving and resourcefulness.
  • Bevelvision Productions: The Mat Bevel Show shares the magical world of Beveldom, “the lost land of found objects,” with people everywhere via new media arts TV.

Ned Schaper has delighted audiences for over 30 years with his Surrealistic Pop Science Theater. Now, with the launch of The Mat Bevel Show produced by Bevelvision Productions, the Company is bringing our theater’s magical world of Beveldom with host Mat Bevel to people of all ages everywhere at no cost. The theater’s cast of 52 characters, performed by Schaper, sheds new light on love, relationships, emotions, nature, math, physics and geometry, energy, recycling, conservation and much more.

The museum’s animated sculptures, all made using Available Resource Technology or A.R.T., are otherwise unusable bicycle parts, an old trombone, a wheel chair, a badminton racket and thousands of other discarded items. Ned re-purposes these items and imbues them with new life as the sets, mechanized puppets, headdresses, motorized vehicles and musical instruments for the theater.

Ned is joined by his sister Paula Schaper who brings her career expertise in authentic branding, economic development, entertainment and community building to the mission of sharing the Bevel philosophy and the world of Beveldom with worldwide audiences.

We are located in Southern Arizona in the communities of Tucson and Patagonia. You can visit us online at:

Bevelvision Productions

Or contact us by phone at 520-604-6273 or email at pschaper@matbevelcompany.org.

“What I see with Ned Schaper’s work–the museum, the theater and Bevelvision TV–is that the art work lends itself well to exploit virtual reality technology for digital storytelling and new platforms for digital learning.”

Luis Carrión, award-winning videographer and producer

Video Producer , University of Arizona’s Office of Digital Learning