Step into Beveldom, a real world of kinetic art made entirely from junk

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Experience the power of kinetics with 92 moving sculptures from the Museum Of Kinetic Art

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See Mat Bevel’s creative forces demonstrate the wonders of kinetic art

Watch Bevelvision

Watch The Three Days Of Beveldom narrative unfold, a story that reminds us, everything can find new life

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Welcome to Beveldom!

Join host Mat Bevel in the land of Beveldom. It’s a whole new world brought to you through The Mat Bevel Show.

The story takes place in the Museum Of Kinetic Art where everything naturally fits and flows together according to the principles of Available Resource Technology, or ART. Here, you’ll experience nearly one hundred moving sculptures all made from recycled items—a bicycle wheel, an old trombone, a wheel chair, a badminton racket—thousands of discarded objects.

Each of these sculptures has a unique name in Beveldom—Sharka, Lover Boy, The Thought Launcher, Americana Duck. They also have a purpose as a headdress, motorized vehicle, musical instrument and mechanical puppet.

Beveldom’s resident characters—52 museum staff members—demonstrate the wonders of kinetic art with the sculptures in the museum using poetry, puns, comedy, music and light. The New Non Prophet, Walter Ego, Dr. Paradox and Jester Physics shed new light on relationships, family, nature, physics and geometry, energy, conservation and so much more.

In Beveldom there’s no disbelief. Here, you can tap into the universal magic all around you and within you.