Bring wildly wonderful art and inspiring educational entertainment to everyone

Introducing The Mat Bevel Show

The 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Mat Bevel Company is transforming kinetic sculptor, poet and performer Ned Schaper’s work into a TV show called The Mat Bevel Show. Through the show, we’re bringing to life a magical world called Beveldom. Thousands of people have enjoyed this world for over 30 years through the Museum Of Kinetic Art, Surrealistic Pop Science Theater and the School of Intuition.

Because of the profoundly generous support in the past, our nonprofit’s Bevelvision Productions has captured fifteen minutes of the first-ever footage. It’s inspiring fine art and educational entertainment that encourages greater resourcefulness, original thinking, kinesthetic learning and creative problem solving.

Take a look at our theater’s world of Beveldom with host Mat Bevel as it’s unfolding: With your support, you can also help us take it to the next dimension!

A Mix of Mad Max & Mr. Rogers

The story for our show begins at the Museum Of Kinetic Art, in the heart of Beveldom, where everything is made using Available Resource Technology or A.R.T. Nearly a hundred moving sculptures are all made from recycled items—bicycle parts, a tiara, boxing gloves, an old trombone, a badminton racket—thousands of tossed out items.

Our narrator General Lee Speaking guides viewers through this world of artifactual contraptions. Each sculpture has a unique name: Americana Duck, Lover Boy, Sharka and The Thought Launcher. Choreographed to poetry, music and light, they come to life in The Mat Bevel Show using animation, time-lapse photography, virtual reality, rear view projection, greenscreen compositing and live videography technologies.

Beveldom resident characters—52 staff members at the museum—demonstrate the wonders of kinetic art with the mechanical puppets, helmets and headdresses, motorized vehicles and musical instruments from the museum. This huge cast of characters sheds new light on love, relationships, nature, physics, energy, recycling, conservation and much more.

Our next critical step? With your support, we’ll develop a Museum Of Kinetic Art (MOKA) Virtual Reality Tour that brings the motions, sounds and colors of the museum into 360 degrees and enables us to develop rich video environments of Beveldom for The Mat Bevel Show.

Your gift puts this new world in motion

With your support, we’ll develop the MOKA Virtual Reality Tour and produce dual-location video for greenscreen compositing to enhance Beveldom’s surrealistic look and feel. Here’s what we need to get started:

• A computer and software for video editing as well as an external camera monitor and a condenser mic
• A small crew to help program the web portal and shoot more video
• A virtual reality camera, and development of a customized mechanized camera rig
• A vehicle for transporting sculptures and equipment between our indoor and outdoor production sets (55 miles apart)

Your gift to our 501(c)3 Society for Bevel Intentions will help us bring wildly wonderful art and inspiring educational entertainment to everyone. Gifts of any amount are welcome.

Please make your online donation today or send your gift by mail to: Mat Bevel Company, PO Box 1684, Tucson, AZ 85702. To learn more, please contact Paula Schaper at 520-604-6273.

All contributors will be acknowledged on our website at:

Registered Charitable Number (EIN): 13-4012463

Gifts of any amount are welcome and can be mailed to: Society for Bevel Intentions (DBA Mat Bevel Company), PO Box 1684, Tucson, AZ 85702.