At Mat Bevel Company, we believe artistry is a form of ministry, where art serves to inspire people with a sense of hope and motivation. In the presence of the magic, which art is, people can witness the awe of creation that defines ritual and provides the oneness we depend upon for spiritual wholeness. The inspiration of art provides a heightened state of bonding that spans the range of ages. We believe the role of artistry is continually compromised, and most recently by the de-spiritualizing nature of consumerism, more specifically, by the lack of place and purpose to nurture appropriate spectacles.

Our work is built upon the principles of Available Resource Technology, or ART:

01-Art is ritual. Ritual is enthusiasm for life.

02-As objects of the world go through your hands they will expose truths to you.

03-The human input is dexterity of focus. What comes together is of matter, but of no matter to you.

04-We do not create. We reach creation.

05-The river of creation is the mass migration of matter that has the momentum of all time.

06-Creation cannot be used to separate you from all creation.

07-We can never really know, we can only feel the flow.

08-Our job is to be ready and aware of what comes at us each day.

09-Consciousness is the only currency.

10-If you don’t have what you need, why would you be doing it.

11-Everyday we plant the seeds of thoughts that will grow into mature realities.

12-Life is important. Choose honesty over happiness, awareness before ambition.

At Mat Bevel Company we’re creating a modern climate of inspiration that builds community through the spirit of art, giving people a sense of awe, purpose and motivation through our programs—Museum of Kinetic Art, Surrealistic Pop Science Theater, Bevelvision Productions and School of Intuition.